Caffeine Overdose by JackTsuchiyama

I’m going to do a real one later today, but here’s a post on caffeine overdose that I found interesting…

Apparently caffeine intoxication has been a problem globally (especially the united states), but Japan has never had a confirmed case of it before. Moral of the story I guess is to avoid too much coffee and don’t ever drink coffee with alcohol!

I’m considering trying to research the effects of caffeine at some point… I feel like it’s one of those very tricky substances. Can’t remember if it has a lethal dose or not…

Ahhh of course when I search for it, all I can find is a lot of argument over whether or not there’s too much caffeine in our beverages. Perhaps the lethal dose of caffeine is known but harder to find because it’s not something companies want as public information. Or maybe it’s just too dependent on the individual so it’s hard to get a number. Maybe rats and the like metabolize coffee differently so we can’t use them as models? Lots of questions.

Even if not today, I’ll probably cover caffeine sometime in the future. Especially since I react so weirdly to it.


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