Hangovers by JackTsuchiyama


For those of use who’ve never had one (including me), the typical symptoms of a hangover are bleary eyes, nausea, and a headache.

The cause is how your body breaks down alcohol! The alcohol is aborsbed into your blood stream through your intestines and is then processed by your liver. Once in your liver, it’s processed to acetylaldehyde and then to acetic acid. The acetylaldehyde build-up is what causes the hangover symptoms. The breakdown is dependent on the presence of enzymes and other chemicals which are dependent on genetic factors. Therefore, everyone is different!

There’s no quick fix either. However, since alcohol is a diuretic, make sure to drink lots of water before and during! This won’t actually help the hangover, however. For the headache, OTC anti-inflammatory meds may ease the pain but won’t get rid of it. Also! Avoid tylenol; acetaminophen is processed via the liver and will only put more stress on the organ!

There is a possibility that darker liquors contain chemicals that when broken down, make you feel worse. Otherwise, all alcohol is broken down equivalently; there is no “hangover-safe” alcohol.

Be safe and be careful! I look forward to another year with you all.

Mohney, Gillian. “Learn the Science of Hangovers Before Your New Year’s Eve Bash” (31 Dec 2015). Available


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