Sexual Indifference by JackTsuchiyama

As all users of the internet know, public opinions and persuasions easily change, and the youth of one year are completely different from the youth of another. This is true in all countries; in Japan it is no different.

Current trends of Japanese 18 year olds:

Pictorial versus verbal communication
Deepening intimacy or dependence on parents
Sexual counter-revolution

Perhaps the lack of sexual interest is due to the pictorial communication style and the dependence upon parents. After all, by the 1980s there was no longer generational gaps and fights between parents and children. However, this intimacy seems to have gone even further in the recent years.

Teenagers comfortably bathe with their parents without an sense of embarassment or any sort of sexuality involved; it’s completely familial bonds and closeness. There are even apps and programs that allow parents to follow their children throughout the day, even at college, and the majority of youths don’t seem bothered by it.

A survey by Rakuten O-net marriage brokerage asked single men & women if they’d want a partner; the results are now around 63-64% which has significantly decreased from the 90% response in 2000.

A statement by a 33-year-old trading company employer in the 1998 Spa! article of “If we love each other, what do we need sex for?” seems to ring true in the current generation. In fact, it’s far more typical that instead of promiscuity, one is to receive the response of “面倒くさい” from them.

Is this unhealthy? Is this troublesome? Or is this the way of the future? I suppose only time will tell.

Hoffman, Michael. “From sexual liberation to liberation from sex” (16 Jan 2016). Available


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